Courier Pigeon

Courier Pigeon,  a logistic company incorporated in Singapore  was established in 1991. Our key strengths include a management and delivery team of highly experienced and reputable personnel from various sectors. As such, the company is both dynamic and able to excel in the current ever – changing environment. Our customers consist of diverse multinational companies, major organizations and government institutions.

We Power Deliveries Across The Region


see the management

Azhan Zainal

Founder & Advisor

He has with him 15 years of experience in the petroleum industry. Having graduated from the University of Life, he acquired valuable skills and life lessons that inspired him to start a humble business. He believes in serving others before self, and that belief guides everything the company does.

Noorlela Abdul Rahim

Managing Director

She has with her over 25 years of managerial experience. The epitome of kindness, she believes that extraordinary leadership is achievable through compassion and empathy.

Hazwani Azhan

Human Resource Manager

She graduated from Kaplan, Singapore majoring in Commerce and General Studies. She has worked in diverse sectors with the longest being in the healthcare industry for over 7 years where she learnt true patience and compassion.

Khairi Nazron

Public Relations Manager

He graduated from Abu Nour University, Damascus majoring in Arabic Language and Islamic Jurisprudence. He has worked in diverse organisations including various local mosques and established institutions. As such, he brought with him invaluable skills and values that guides the vision of the company.

Abdul Wahab

Senior Operations

He has with him over 25 years of work experience in logistic operations. He has worked with leading logistics solution providers before eventually joining Courier Pigeon. His deep expertise coupled with his professional skill set is an asset to the company.



We hustle your hassle by delivering your needs. We aim to provide affordable, dependable and efficient service.


  • Accountability
    We take ownership and initiative in providing the best for our customers and employees.
  • Dedication
    We serve our customers with dedication, at the heart of all that we do.
  • Accepting
    We see all our customers as equal and we treat them accordingly.
  • Betterment
    We are always seeking to improve and strive to add value to our customers.
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