Terms of Use and Conditions of Carriage


Courier Pigeon (CP) defines a consignment as a collection from the client’s premises and delivery to another postal address within the mainland of Singapore, or vice versa.

a. Time sensitive services: These are categorized as (a) Urgent Service (b) Express Service (c) Super Express Service (availability depending on an ad-hoc basis requiring CP’s confirmation of service availability)

1. Normal service shall be defined as all consignments that are confirmed AND ready for collection or delivery before 11.00AM , Mondays to Fridays. These consignments shall be completed anytime before the end of the same working day (i.e. 6.00PM). All normal consignments that is called or confirmed after 11.00 AM shall be completed before the end of next working day (all on the assumption it is one full working day). These conditions shall not be applicable on any eve of all designated public holidays.

2. All consignments are to be ready for collection upon time of call. In situations where confirmation is made by the customer but the item is only ready at a much later time (‘booking system”), any one of the time sensitive services are applicable, depending on the length of time given. This is also applicable to all consignments to be completed on the same working day if confirmation is made after our cut-off time.

3. Where consignment is to be completed BEFORE or AFTER our operational hours (0700 hours to 0900 hours and 1800 hours to 2100 hours respectively) an additional charge of $30.00 is applicable for all document consignments and $50.00 for parcel consignments, Mondays to Fridays. Applicable also are consignments on Saturdays (from 9.00 am to 12 noon).

4. Where consignment is to be completed AFTER 2100 hours an additional charge of $50.00 is applicable for all document consignments and $70.00 for van consignments, Mondays to Fridays.

5. There shall be no stipulation for completion by the customer for all normal services. These consignments shall be completed within the time range indicated herein. Where in cases that a time limit is stipulated for a delivery OR collection, this shall be categorized as a time sensitive service and billed accordingly. This shall apply for either incoming or outgoing consignment.

6. All consignments are chargeable on per trip basis. Rates on per trip (consignment) basis refers to a collection or delivery point A and point B or vice versa.

7. Delivery time ranges: Normal service – One full working day; Urgent service – A 6 hour service; Express service – 5 hour service and Super service – between 4 to 3 hours service (to confirm the availability for the super service on that day)

8. Any consignment that require Courier Pigeon to make some form of payment first on behalf of the customer shall be calculated as a two way consignment. It is not Courier Pigeon’s policy to pay for any customer first as this involve couriers carrying cash. Exceptions however shall be made depending on the amount of cash involved. Further, all forms of consignment requiring cash carriage is charged an additional $30.00 for a maximum carriage amount of SIn $1000.00. Amount greater than stipulated shall be assessed and quoted on a case by case basis. Courier Pigeon reserves the right to refuse or reject such consignments on the basis of safety and total liability.

9. Hazardous and Toxic consignments: Courier Pigeon does not handle this form of consignments.

10. All consignment are based upon addresses indicated on the consignment note or as provided by the customer. Where wrong addresses are given and the assignment subsequently carried out, this shall be considered as a trip made and billed accordingly. It is the sole responsibility of the sender to provide the correct and full details required.

11. All consignment to or from the following places indicated below incurs an additional charge of $25.00 all deliveries; Changi/SATs Airfreight Terminal, Changi Airport Terminal, Cargo Agent, Paya Lebar Airport, Seletar Airbase, NUS Kent Ridge Campus, NUS,NTU Jalan Bahar Campus, Sentosa, any of the Jurong Island areas respectively and queuing at bank counters or any assignments that required queuing/waiting. All deliveries or collection made from any site offices (i.e. construction sites with temporary project site offices) is billed an additional $25.00.

12. Embassy / High Commission / Immigration Visa or Work Permit collection and submission. These consignments do NOT fall under the Normal service category due to the specific time imposed by all these offices. These consignments are categorized under the “Others” category and carries a flat charge of $116.00 per assignment, including the normal return trip charges, if any. These consignments are attended to on a next day basis.

13. All rates quoted for parcel or van carriage are not final and binding. They are quoted upon data provided by the customer. Should sizes or weight vary upon our attendance, charges shall be adjusted accordingly.

14. In event of a consignment being canceled on site, i.e. upon the courier’s attendance, a 50% charge of the total original amount is payable. Where a collection is required NOT from the customer’s premises and the consignment has been attended to, and a cancellation is then made, this is considered as a completed consignment and billed accordingly.

15. All consignments that are:
a. Parcels, packages, small articles that has a defined 3 dimensional size but does not exceed in any one side, 15 cm and below 2.5 kilograms are classified as Non-documents. These items are categorized as Others 1 and carries a charge of $3.00 additional.
b. Parcels, packages, small articles that has a defined 3 dimensional size but does not exceed in any one side, 30 cm and below 3 kilograms are classified as Non-documents. These items are categorized as Others 2 and carries a charge of $6.00 additional.
c. Parcels, packages, small articles that has a defined 3 dimensional size but does not exceed in any one side, 30 cm and greater than 3 kilograms and lesser than 5 kilograms are classified as Non-documents. These items are categorized as Others 3 and carries a charge of $9.00 additional.
d. All other consignments greater than the above are categorized as van service consignment.

16. Waiting time and charges: Due to the nature of this business, a 15 minute period is allocated for a consignment. Where in cases a consignment takes up a much longer time (e.g. a courier has to wait for items to be made ready upon his attendance, etc.) a charge of $4.00 is applied for every subsequent 10 minute block.

17. Contractual basis: All customers on contractual basis shall be required to pay the minimum contractual fee (depending on which option chosen) should number of consignments fall below the minimum stipulated. All charges are excluding the time service charges.

18. Credit terms: Where credit term is extended to a customer, all payments due and exceeding 7 days after the term extended shall carry an additional charge of $30.00 per calendar month. Courier Pigeon reserves the right to terminate, temporarily suspend any account, refuse or reject any consignments in event of defaulted or non-payment of any invoices without further notice. In event payment recovery is seek through legal channel, all payments incurred shall be borne by the customer.

19. All rates on Ad-hoc basis (i.e. non-contractual) are subject to change without prior notice.

20. Liability: By using our services, you agree that Courier Pigeon shall not be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages and disclaims all warranties expressed or implied with respect to carriage of any consignment. The liability of Courier Pigeon shall be limited to Sin $20.00 (twenty) per consignment subject to a maximum of Sin $1000.00 (one thousand only). All claims must be reported in writing within 7 working days.

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