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1st World War


Dependability and Efficiency Redefined. . . .

                                                                   ...... by your friendly delivery people 

What we do

We're an all class 3 delivery people handling single or bulk deliveries to anywhere within Singapore and Malaysia. Our unstinting and unending dedication to be dependable, efficient plus our diverse range of services all come together to provide you a very effective delivery solution your money can buy.

Our Mission

Have you heard of the CARRIER PIGEONS? Those birds that were used extensively as messengers during the two world wars? We're sure you must have. Well, we're kind of like them. Their exploits during the wars are known to many. Whilst we have no wish to emulate these, not that we can even if we try, we certainly do aim to be Dependable, Trustworthy, Efficient, Fast and YET Cost Effective. Needless to say of course, without getting Extinct! (by the way, we've been around for 15 years now).

Contact Information

Our contact information are indicated herein. Should you have any  query, you are most welcome to contact us. We'd be most happy to assist. Here at COURIER PIGEON, we believe that it is THE customer that defines service and not the service provider.                           

Telephone: 65-62940028

Fax: 65-62942001

Postal address:
135, Middle Road, #02-23 Bylands Building, Singapore 188795

As fast as our couriers can legally drive    

Operational Hours: Mon to Fridays: 0900hrs - 1730hrs

Home Services Online Order Terms and Conditions Contact Us